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General FAQ⚓︎


How do I sign up for RGL?⚓︎

To sign up for RGL, use the green "Sign in with Steam" button in the top-right of the main site. You will be prompted to make your hours and profile public if they are not, and asked for your name to use in RGL.

You are limited to one active account in RGL at a time, to approve switching to another Steam account, please open a support ticket. Using a new account without approval will result in a ban.

My account was flagged as an alt when it isn't, what do I do?⚓︎

Open a support ticket in the RGL Discord to have your account manually verified. If you are trying to join a team, please link the team page when you create the ticket.

Can players from other regions play in RGL?⚓︎

Yes, however to maintain a fair playing environment, they are subject to certain limitations outlined in [1005.2] - Region. Player bans may be mirrored from other leagues at the discretion of RGL. If you have any questions about your ability to play in RGL, please make a support ticket.


How do I find a team?⚓︎

You can see teams looking for players (LFP), and post looking for team ads for your format in both the RGL Discord, and RGL Forums.

How do I make a team?⚓︎

Create a team by going to the appropriate registration page for your format before the posted registration deadline. When creating you will be prompted for a team name, tag, roster password (to give to your players), and in most cases, a preferred division.

Players join through the "Join Team" button on your team page, which you must finally approve through the "Manage Approvals" section of the team leader page.

What division should/can I play?⚓︎

A description of each division can be found in section [1006.2.2] - Division Placements. If you are playing in a division lower than you have before you may be class restricted, or your team may be placed higher than requested. If you have questions regarding placement, open a support ticket.

Player Fees⚓︎

Can I pay fees with Keys/Bitcoin/etc?⚓︎

At this time, PayPal is the only payment method accepted by Teammates may pay other player's fees through links generated in the leader panel, and so you may offer these items to another party willing to pay your fee. RGL takes no responsibility for these transactions.

What are fees used for in RGL?⚓︎

A detailed breakdown of RGL's finances can be found in this article.

In short, the majority of direct expenses come from PayPal fees, and site upkeep (domain, servers, etc). The vast majority of money goes back into the prize pool for that format. Fees are not used to compensate staff.

What are ringer fees?⚓︎

Ringer fees are one time payments that can be used to pay up for an individual match, without paying the full season fee. Ringer fees are paid through the link generated in the "Player Payment" area visible to leaders on the respective match page.

If you pay a ringer fee, the amount paid will be discounted from the total league fee should you choose to pay it later in the season. If you pay enough ringer fees to equal the total season fee, you will be considered fully paid up.

Getting Help⚓︎

Get admin support⚓︎

To get in touch with the admin team, open a ticket through the Discord. To access support, you must link your Discord account to your RGL account, instructions for this can be seen in the "#start-here" channel.

Report Players⚓︎

If you observe a case of player misconduct, cheating, or alting within RGL, please report it using the report forms. For information on how these reports are handled, you can read our Misconduct and Anti-Cheat FAQs.

Prize Money⚓︎

How will I receive prize money?⚓︎

Any prize money can be received either through PayPal or through a check to be delivered. Prize money is given to the team leader, who is responsible for distributing it to the rest of the team.

To avoid higher PayPal fees, the money will be distributed to a member of the team residing in the United States, if no leaders fit this criteria they may designate a team member to receive the funds.

When will I receive my prize money?⚓︎

Distribution of prize money will begin two months after the last grand finals match of that event, as laid out in [1007.2.1] - Prize Pool Payouts. The team leader will be contacted by your division admin to begin this process.

Last update: May 17, 2022