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Custom Map Downloads⚓︎

Custom Maps For 6v6:

Custom Maps For Highlander (9v9):

Server Configs⚓︎

The sourcemod plugin contains all updated configs for all RGL formats, the Competitive TF2 fixes/features above, SrcTV+, updated pause plugin, a server resources updater that automatically updates all approved plugins and configs, and more. The RGL plugin and the other plugins mentioned above can be downloaded as a package here:

The RGL Server Resources Updater plugin is mandatory on all servers. Installation information, as well a list of all the different configs to exec are explained on the page. Servers with the RGL Server Resources Updater plugin installed will be given preference over servers that do not have it installed for the following reasons:

  • Parity between team servers and league enforced config and plugin requirements
  • Updated automatically to prevent match tampering and ease of use
  • Adherence to the league's strict competitive integrity standards
  • Meets's minimum standard of quality and fairness for all players
  • servers are exempt from this requirement as they fit the league's requirements listed above. servers are exempt from this requirement as they fit the league's requirements listed above. For users, you can use the competitive fixes by using the prefix sm_cf rgl via RCON. These fixes should be available on all servers.

All players can verify if a server has TF2 Competitive Fixes plugins installed correctly and the server is running the correct fixes by typing the command !cf list. Players can verify if the Server Resources Updater plugin is installed on the server by joining a side and waiting 15 seconds to receive an in-game message from the plugin.

RGL uses these configs for matches:

Highlander Prolander 6s
rgl_HL_koth rgl_7s_koth rgl_6s_5cp_match
rgl_HL_koth_bo5 rgl_7s_koth_bo5 rgl_6s_5cp_match_half1
rgl_HL_stopwatch rgl_7s_stopwatch rgl_6s_5cp_match_half2


Last update: February 11, 2024