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[1005] - Player Registration and Eligibility⚓︎

[1005.1] - Who Can Register⚓︎

We welcome any player to sign up inside of RGL; however, RGL reserves the right to exclude certain players from any competitions as we see fit.

Any account that a player registers into RGL becomes their responsibility. This means that any account you create will be tied back to you as well as other users controlling the account. In the event of a VAC ban, misconduct case, etc., penalties are applied to all accounts at the time of the infraction.

Please create a Steam support ticket in case of losing access to your account immediately to recover it and also open a support ticket in the RGL Discord to discuss your options.

[1005.2] - Region⚓︎

Recharge Gaming League contains separate formats and separate regions. Players outside of a league's default region are welcome to sign up, but teams are under no obligation to accommodate their play. Teams cannot be forced to alter their server location to accommodate players external to the respective league's region. For the following regions, players are considered in the region if they live in one of the countries, dependencies, or territories listed here.

Each team has a maximum capacity who are not from a league's respective region. You may not ring an out-of-region player exceeding this capacity (see [1009.4.2.1] - Other restrictions on the number of ringers). This maximum capacity for each format is as follows:

  • Highlander - 3 Players
  • 6v6 - 2 Players
  • Prolander - 2 Players

[1005.3] - Multiple Accounts⚓︎

Registration must be on your main account. As a rule of thumb, a “main account” is the account in which a player first registered on Steam. Alternative (alt/smurf) accounts are strictly forbidden. Registering for a league using an alt account will result in the alt/smurf account being permanently banned regardless of whether the player has also registered their main account in an RGL league. Furthermore, anyone aiding an alt/smurf account will also receive punishments.

If a player gets banned for an alt-related offense, all matches the player participated in during the season will be overturned. Teams who are found to have a player alting in playoffs will be disqualified, and the remaining playoff teams under the disqualified team will move up one rank. If the bracket can be played (i.e. if 1st round could be redone without delaying the bracket), then teams will replay the playoff matches in which the cheating player participated.

If you do plan to use an alternate account, that account must first be cleared by an admin. All accounts will be linked to the player's discipline history. Players must have their cases approved should they have a reason for the accounts to not be publicly linked (e.g. proof of harassment, etc.) Please open a support ticket in the RGL Discord to discuss your options.

[1005.3.1] - Team/Player Due Diligence⚓︎

While [1005.3] - Multiple Accounts allows us to penalize teams and players accordingly, it does not mention the need for player due diligence in taking preventative measures to avoid receiving a ban for facilitating alternative accounts or allow us to be lenient against teams and players that have put effort into clearing their players. In recent seasons, we have come across teams that claim they did not suspect players without microphones or players that are “pros in Paladins” and so forth.

Provided below is a list of checks players must do to avoid harsh repercussions:

  • Be wary of players that perform well in logs with limited to no traceable competitive experience, particularly in Main or higher divisions
  • Be wary of players that have limited experience inside of TF2 or use newer than average Steam accounts
  • Be wary of players who state they do not own a microphone
  • Verify stories such as being a “pro” in other games, returning from a long departure from the scene, etc
  • Verify a player's competitive experience on, ESEA, ETF2L, OzFortress, and UGC, as well as their performances on over a prolonged period
  • Preemptively inform admins of suspicious players

Those who fail to perform these basic checks (e.g. failure to report an alt on your team, providing them the account) are liable to various levels of punishments, such as assisting alts bans, matches overturned, season disqualifications, etc.

[1005.4] - Other Registration Restrictions⚓︎

A player may only be registered on one team per league. As an example, a player cannot be registered on two North American Prolander teams, but a player may be registered on one North American Prolander team and one North American Highlander team.

[1005.4.1] - VPN Usage⚓︎

The usage of VPNs while playing in is forbidden. If you require an exception to this rule, please contact a league administrator before playing.

[1005.4.2] - Connection⚓︎

If a player's ping, regardless of region, causes the game to be unplayable for other players (e.g. their character is constantly lagging/jumping around, etc...), that player may be blocked from that region's competitions. If the said player was used in a match, their team may face penalties and be forced to replay or forfeit rounds the player negatively impacted.

[1005.4.3] - VAC Bans⚓︎

Any player who has owned a Steam account with a TF2 VAC ban will be banned from RGL permanently unless the VAC ban is removed by Valve. If a VAC ban is not from TF2 and does not apply to TF2, the player with the ban must prove this to an Anti-Cheat admin to be allowed to play.

[1005.4.4] - Player Aliases⚓︎

Player aliases in RGL are used to identify players as they are known in the community for viewers and other players alike and keep records for admin purposes. As such, player aliases can only be changed once a year, starting from each name change. They may not be changed during an ongoing RGL-hosted season, cup, or other events that the player has participated in or is participating in. Players must have a reasonable motive for a request that justifies the change in records.

To request an alias change, you can open a site support ticket in the RGL Discord. If an admin finds your request legitimate, they will change your alias.

Last update: November 3, 2023