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[1007] - League Fees and Payment⚓︎

[1007.1] - Player Fees⚓︎

Teams must have the minimum count of players necessary for play paid up before a match or within 24 hours of competing in a game. Teams and players who fail to pay their league fees within the time frame for matches will face penalties. In extreme circumstances, this may result in their matches being overturned.

Teams can register unpaid players to their rosters. Unpaid players can be paid for if needed during the season; however, unpaid players must be paid up within 24 hours of completing a match. Failure to do so will result in penalties or matches being overturned.

[1007.2] - Competitive Division Prize Pools⚓︎

If your division has a prize pool, it will be listed on the registration page for that division or in an appropriate news post.

[1007.2.1] - Prize Pool Payouts⚓︎

Payouts will be made to players two months after the end of the last grand final match. Leaders of the winning teams will be contacted by RGL and will need to provide RGL with information on how the money should be sent to them. Leaders are responsible for distributing the team's winnings to the rest of their team.

Payouts can come in one of two forms:

  • Check through the mail (minus $0.30)
  • Payment through PayPal (minus standard PayPal fee approx. ~3%)

[1007.2.2] - Prize Pool Payout Disputes⚓︎

In the event of an issue with a team leader failing to properly distribute the prize earnings to their team, a league admin will act as an intermediary. Cases in which a team leader of the winning team maliciously affects the distribution (e.g. keeping the earnings all to themselves or intentionally not distributing to certain team starters) are subject to league bans. Such cases will be reviewed by the league admin acting as an intermediary to resolve the dispute.

[1007.2.3] - Medals⚓︎

To receive a medal:

  • You must have been rostered and unbanned during at least half of the games played
  • At medal distribution time, you must not have an active ban over 3 months or longer
  • The team must have completed the season
  • The team must not have two major penalties
  • If in a paid division, you have been fully paid up

Medal distribution is dependent upon design submissions being accepted by Valve and the free time of administrators to distribute the medals. Valve's acceptance time varies greatly as it mostly depends on TF2 properly accepting medals without glitches, errors, and clipping issues. After the medal has been accepted, distribution can be done by administrators.

The earliest that medals for a current season will be distributed to players is after the following season. Please be mindful of the fact that administrators have other responsibilities so it might take some time to get the medals distributed. Should you be missing a medal for a season after medals have been distributed to everyone, please contact your division admin so they can confirm and send you a medal.

Currently, Valve is NOT accepting ANY new medals for the foreseeable future due to an abundance of random event medals. So, while we would like to add new medals into the game and have new medal designs ready until Valve allows medal submissions again, it is not likely to occur.

[1007.2.4] - Fraud⚓︎

If a team or player is found to be committing or supporting fraud, they will face penalties.

This includes the following, but is not limited to:

  • [1003.5] - Match Fixing
  • Unapproved profiteering from league activities, including:
    • Selling roster spots, or
    • Monetizing RGL content (official RGL Twitch and Youtube content) without approval
  • Fabricating or manipulating match-related information such as logs, demos, chat logs, screenshots
  • Submitting false reports or including fake or doctored evidence
  • Impersonating players with the intent to profit or gain an unfair advantage
  • Impersonating RGL staff or RGL-approved casting organizations [1010.1] - Casting Organizations, including by presenting yourself as one or by pretending to be a specific staff member
  • Committing payment fraud by tricking a payment processor into believing we have not provided you a service to get a fraudulent refund

Punishments will depend on the severity of the situation but are not limited to major penalties being applied, suspensions to players who took part in the scheme, and winnings being forfeited.

Last update: August 25, 2023