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[4002] Rosters

[4002.1] - Pre-season Rosters⚓︎

In order for a team to be eligible to play in a season or cup, they must have at least six players on their roster by the given registration deadline. The roster deadline can be found on the Registration page. If League fees are being collected for the given season or cup, that information may be found at the same Registration page. If a team is placed into a pre-season division, their placement is not finalized until Week 1 matches (or the 1st round of cup matches) are announced.

[4002.2] - Regular Season Rosters⚓︎

Team membership cannot fall below six rostered players. If it does, the team must roster up to at least six players before their next match, or automatically forfeit said match. Players with an active ban on their RGL profile disciple history do not count towards the team's total membership count. Banned players still rostered to a team still count towards a roster's maximum size.

[4002.3] - Maximum Roster Size⚓︎

  • A team cannot have more than 12 players on its roster.
  • There is a maximum capacity of 2 players currently on disciplinary probation.
  • The maximum amount of out of region players allowed on a roster is 2. You may not ring a player exceeding this limit when your roster already has players rostered that are at the limit. Refer to [1005.2] - Region for specific information.

Last update: May 15, 2023