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RGL Anti-Cheat FAQ⚓︎

How to report someone for cheating⚓︎

Compile and submit evidence against the player. This primarily takes the form of STV demos with associated ticks, ie:

3500 - walling on the sniper

10000 - aimlock on the medic

These ticks should be about 1000 ticks before the described incident.

Once you have done this, submit the evidence through the report form.


  • Publicly accuse, or directly approach the accused player regarding any accusations.
  • Spread the accusation to other teams or players.
  • Submit the same evidence more than once.
  • Harass the suspected player, or their teammates.
  • Submit a report without appropriate evidence as described above.

Violation of these practices hinder Anti-Cheat investigations, and may result in punitive action under [1002.3] - Discriminatory Language and Symbols.

If you obtain more evidence, feel free to send in a follow-up report.

Who reviews Anti-Cheat reports?⚓︎

Anti-Cheat reports are only seen by AC admins and Head Admins, of which only the AC admins actively review the cases. Our public list of AC admins can be found on the Staff List, however the majority of the team has chosen to remain private in order to review cases without fear of harassment.

Any admins with personal conflict of interest will be barred from reviewing that case.

How long will it take to review my case⚓︎

A case will be reviewed for as long as it takes for a consensus to be reached from the AC team. Without a high level of confidence, and a majority opinion from the team, a league ban will not be issued.

What are we doing to prevent cheaters?⚓︎

RGL has built policies around making it more difficult for cheaters to evade detection in league play. Demos are randomly requested from teams to ensure that players are recording and can produce POV demos in potential AC cases. RGL frequently works with other league's Anti-Cheat staff to improve our internal methods for detection, and ensure cheaters already caught in other leagues cannot participate in RGL.

Last update: December 12, 2021