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RGL Misconduct FAQ⚓︎

What does RGL ban on?⚓︎

All league misconduct bans are from player reports. Reports that are acted upon must be submitted in a timely manner to the incident, contain verifiable evidence, and be submitted in good faith as per [1002.3] - Discriminatory Language and Symbols. If not submitted through this process, there will be no league action.

How are reports reviewed⚓︎

Reports go through two review processes. First reports are verified by the Report Committee, a panel of 6s and Highlander admins who recommend action on each report weekly. The report committee is also tasked with verifying report evidence. This is then reviewed by the Head Admins in their weekly meeting, who will ultimately decide the outcome of a report. Anti-cheat and alt account reports are separate to this process, and are reviewed by the Anti-Cheat team.

How are ban appeals handled?⚓︎

Head admins review ban appeals in their weekly meeting, these are not seen by the Report Committee. For misconduct appeals, the player's behaviour throughout the community is taken into account. See [1004.9 - Appeals] for more information on submitting an appeal.

How to report misconduct⚓︎

When sending a report, you should provide us:

  • A clear description of the situation
  • Screen recording, screenshots and/or textual evidence of the incident
  • Relevant logs and/or demos for incidents regarding scrims/matches
  • If this happened in Discord, please include a screenshot of the player's Discord ID.

When sending a screen recording or screenshot, here are some best practices:

  • Upload your recording or image to well known sites such as Imgur, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Unfamiliar sources may be declined. Do not upload through Discord as these links expire.
  • Do not edit your recording or screenshot in any way, including cropping or highlighting.
  • When possible present a full window rather than only one part of the screen.

For long text, you may use multiple screenshots. Should you choose to copy/paste the text to a site like Pastebin, please be sure timestamps are enabled, and be prepared to screenshare and verify the logs.

When will I hear back about a report?⚓︎

The report committee and head admins convene weekly on Thursday and Friday respectively. If you have not heard back, or seen action taken within 2 weeks of a report it is safe to assume no action has been taken regarding that specific report.

Last update: May 8, 2024