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Current Staff⚓︎

RGL Owner⚓︎

RGL League Head Admin⚓︎


Anti-cheat Admin:

[2 AC trials].


Head Admin - Kitt(eh)

Division Admins:

Division Moderators:


Head Admin - Jercer

Division Admins:

Division Moderators:

Report Committee⚓︎

This subset of admins reviews misconduct reports made to the league and collectively adjudicates them.




Production Staff⚓︎

This team does camerawork and voice casting to broadcast RGL matches on streaming platforms.

Pickup Game Staff⚓︎

This team runs pickup games, or PUGs, for certain RGL formats in the official RGL Discord server.

Graphics Staff⚓︎

This team designs graphics and merchandise for RGL promotions, events, and the league as a whole.

(This team is currently inactive until further notice.)

Video Staff⚓︎

This team makes videos to promote the league and archives old casts and other material.

Developer Staff⚓︎

Guide Writers⚓︎

This team writes guides and other informational content to help players in the league.

(This team is currently inactive until further notice.)

Last update: June 26, 2024