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[7000] - Discord Rules⚓︎

Breaking rules will result in a warning and depending on repeated infractions or severity, you will be given restricted access. Restricted access only gives users access to #announcements and the support ticketing system. This means you do not have access to RGL Discord Pugs, recruitment channels, or discussions. Depending on the severity of the case, match suspensions or league bans may be considered.

[7000.1] - Respect other members⚓︎

  • No flaming. This means comments made to incite a negative response from others. This will include but is not restricted to derogatory or discriminatory comments or comments made to bully others or cause a fight.
  • No hate speech. This includes, but is not restricted to, videos, clips, images, text, or links to/of derogatory or discriminatory comments or phrases towards one’s gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or religion.
  • No Doxxing. Do not reveal personal information or exhibit threatening behavior towards any individual (e.g. someone’s location, date of birth, real name, etc.)
  • Do not make threats to other users. This includes, but is not restricted to: threats to DDoS or hacks, threats to safety, or death threats.
  • No Impersonation. Do not impersonate any staff or players.

[7000.2] - Using the Discord⚓︎

  • No spamming. Any kind of spamming on the server will not be tolerated. Do not needlessly ping users/admins or abuse the reply feature. Keep emotes minimal and contextual.
  • Do not ask for pugs to start. Do not ask for pugs to start. Pug runners have their internal schedule they follow to allow pugs to start as frequently as possible.
  • No explicit material. This includes, but is not limited to: text, images, links, videos, and general descriptions of sexually explicit material.
  • No advertising. Advertising other servers, communities, networks, organizations, and/or websites that are not associated with, will result in a warning. Staff may approve special circumstances.
  • No pirated illegal, or malicious material/links. Do not post any inappropriate or referral links. This includes phishing/spyware/malicious sites and shock sites.
  • Do not attempt to bypass Moderation Filters. Do not try to bypass Dyno or any other form of Discord auto-moderation.
  • Emotes. Using emotes to make derogatory/discriminatory statements toward other users will result in similar actions taken against any other form of hate speech.

[7000.3] - Support tickets⚓︎

Support tickets are the best way to get in touch with RGL staff. You should open a ticket in support-ticket for any of the following: - Bans. For any questions on bans, active bans, or possible bannable offenses. - League Questions. For any questions on the league. - Team/match/etc. issues. Any issue with your team, matches, or other league areas that require admin attention should be raised in a ticket for that format.

If you have any feedback for RGL or any of its platforms, feel free to use the ?feedback command in discussions to relay it to staff. You can also create a discussion thread on our forums here (

Last update: August 26, 2023