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[1003] - Game Integrity⚓︎

[1003.1] - Cheating⚓︎

RGL does not tolerate cheating in TF2 in any form. If RGL receives evidence (demos, server or anti-cheat software logs, etc.) of someone cheating anywhere in TF2 (including public servers, scrims, and PUGs (Pick-Up Games)), that person will be subject to league penalties. Please note that this applies to all the sections below on a case-by-case basis depending on the intent and impact where it occurred. There is no appeal process. If another player on their team undoubtedly knew/aided/supported their cheating, they also may be subjected to a ban. When players take part and participate in our league, RGL expects all of our players to keep their accounts cheat-free.

When a player gets banned for a game integrity-related offense, all matches the player participated in during the season will be completely overturned with no opportunity for the matches to be replayed. Teams who are found to have a player cheating in playoffs will be disqualified, and the remaining playoff teams under the disqualified team will move up one rank. If the bracket can be played (i.e. if 1st round could be redone without delaying the bracket), then teams will replay the playoff matches in which the cheating player participated.


  • 1st offense: 4-Years
  • 2nd offense: Permanent Ban
  • VAC Bans: Permanent (Unless confirmed non-TF2 related or TF2 VAC ban removed by Valve)


  • Map Exploits: Warning, match/round overturns, to possible league bans based on intent and impact - [1003.4] - Map/Weapon Exploits
  • Script Abuse: Warning based on intent and impact, otherwise 3-Month ban †
  • Game Exploits: Warning based on intent and impact, otherwise 3-24 Month ban ‡
  • League Ban evasion: 24 Months and reapplies the length of all active and pending Game Integrity-related bans
  • Alternate Accounts *: 24 Months
  • Assisting Players **: 24 Months

† = Warnings are only applicable to scripts or exploits noted in section [1003.2] - Scripts

‡ = Warnings are only applicable to exploits noted in section [1003.3] - Game Exploits

* = Repeat offenders for the following will double their ban length for each new offense, with the 3rd offense resulting in a permanent ban.

** = This ban will be given to all players who are found to be assisting another player in breaking the rules

[1003.1.2] - Usage of 3rd Party Software⚓︎

In the past, players have questioned the usage of specific 3rd party software, whether they can use software to enhance their hearing capabilities in-game or to bind a button to up the DPI of their mouse. Each software will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but they all share the same underlying belief: Does it give the user an unfair advantage over players on the server? Using this belief, we can determine whether a piece of software is allowed in competitive play and whether its usage may result in a ban. If you are unsure whether your use case is legal, please contact an admin.

Audio Equalizers⚓︎

We have determined that the use of audio equalizers to isolate specific sound ranges to enhance the hearing capability of certain audio cues (e.g.: spy decloaks), whether successfully or unsuccessfully, will result in cheating bans. Using audio equalizers in this methodology is no different from the perks gained from using sound scripts/ESP cheats without the risk of VAC bans. If AC Staff determines that you are using ESP cheats, then you will receive a cheating ban and will not be granted a chance to appeal on the basis that you were using an equalizer.

Mouse Software⚓︎

With the recent uprise in the use and ban of 180° turn scripts, players were inquiring about the legality of the use of built-in mouse software (e.g.: Logitech Gaming Software) to achieve similar results. The use of mouse software to automate turns is cheating, whether through macros or any other means. Players are expected to manually move their mouse to achieve movement in-game. Those who resort to the use of software/scripts will receive a Scripting Abuse ban. Players are allowed to use a sensitivity toggle in software or in-game to press to turn up or lower their mouse sensitivity. An example is provided below of a legal version of a sensitivity toggle:

//slow sniping
alias +sens "sensitivity 1.5"
alias -sens "sensitivity 3"
bind alt +sens

[1003.2] - Scripts⚓︎

Scripts that allow players to perform in-game actions that they would not be able to perform without the script or scripts that intentionally disrupt the player's hitbox are banned. Scripts that freeze or glitch the player's model (e.g. forcing the hitbox to not be in the same position as its player model) to make it harder to hit the player are banned. Scripts or programs to enhance a player's sense of hearing are also against the rules.

Examples of banned scripts:⚓︎

  • Bunnyhop script
  • Panic script †
  • Charge Turn script (as well as using peripherals to perform sharper turn angles) †
  • Turn scripts (such as 180° or panic scripts, as well as yaw/pitch binds) †

Examples of allowed scripts:⚓︎

  • Crouch jump script
  • Null-cancelling movement script
  • Rocket jump script
  • Mask uber script
  • Team say scripts
  • Loadout changing scripts
  • Viewmodel/Crosshair switchers
  • Medic radar script
  • No explosions/particles smoke script
  • Speedometer script

† = Impact is based on the situation and amount of times abused. For example, scripts randomly clicked with no one around versus used in front of the enemy team or used once on accident with no one around versus used many times throughout the game.

If you are unsure whether a specific script is allowed, please contact an admin to clarify the situation before playing.

[1003.3] - Game Exploits⚓︎

The abuse of unintended functions of the game that give unfair advantages is considered exploitation. Below are some examples:

  • Bypassing configuration-imposed class limits
  • Entering the player model default pose (“civilian pose”)
  • Sniper scope transparency ‡
  • Box shadows *
  • Spy cloak/footstep/Ubercharge sound scripts and hearing aids (software enhancements or audio mods to make specific sounds louder) or edit using surface properties *
  • Alteration of game settings to make map objects/props like rocks, boxes, and doors transparent or remove them in any way. Note: If you notice that certain props are missing on the map, please restart your game and see if that fixes the issue. You must not continue playing with invisible props.
  • Rate hacking
  • Intentionally abusing the retry command to void the respawn time and achieve a faster respawn time
  • Using an exploit as an Engineer to be able to hit players twice without a delay with melees
  • Uber Pause Bug (bug where medics can continue healing a player during a pause, which allows the medic to build ubercharge) If the pause uber exploit does happen in a match, teams are expected to inform one another if they unfairly gained uber from the pause and also pause the match. Failure to do so may result in a minor penalty.
    • Teams must agree to resolve this exploit through either option:
      • The team that unfairly gained uber must wait for the duration that it would have taken to naturally gain the uber before using it, relative to their starting percentage when the pause occurred (e.g. if your medic's ubercharge level went from 0%-100% from the bug, you need to wait 40 seconds before you can use uber).
      • Teams must re-exec the config and replay the round (for applicable game modes, this would also consist of restarting from the same positions on the map, round timer, and uber percentages before the exploit took place).
    • Using an illegally gained uber before it would have been naturally obtained will result in team penalties and potentially replayed/overturned rounds or maps.
  • HUD edit to always see your medic's ubercharge percentage (Bypass to access information created for spectators)
  • Reverse Quantum Crouch ( or any method that causes the hitbox to be bugged, either visually or nonvisually
  • Bypassing sv_cheats to enable in-game cheat commands *
  • Killing/hurting players during the setup time of a match
  • Using record;stop to see cloaked spies ‡‡
  • Bypassing cl_flipviewmodels to flip viewmodel animations while alive (doing this while dead or switching classes is allowed)
  • Otherwise unlisted sv_pure exploits

‡ = Those with the script who quickly off class for a very short period (i.e. 30 seconds) and gain no bonus information due to no sniper scope, will only receive a warning.

‡‡ = Those who use record;stop and gain no bonus information due to it will only receive a warning.

* = These exploits result in a Cheating ban rather than a Game Exploit ban.

Examples of allowed mods:⚓︎

  • Flat textures
  • Custom HUDs/Viewmodels/Crosshairs/Hitsounds
  • Removing Ambient sounds
  • No hats/cosmetics mods
  • No souls/Christmas lights
  • Hiding viewmodels
  • No Explosions
  • Transparent viewmodels
  • Removing damage particles

This is an exhaustive list. If there is a mod not on this list, please verify the usage of the mod before using it.

Examples of allowed but use at your own risk mods:⚓︎

  • Metal footsteps script
  • Recolored overheal particles (no changes to size, or anything else)

Examples of NOT allowed mods:⚓︎

  • Recolored or modified weapon tracer effects
  • Oversized particle effects (e.g. healing particles, weapon particles, etc.)
  • Transparent enemy pyro flames (removing your own flames is allowed)
  • Using mods to replace player texture colors
  • Developer Textures

Examples of allowed bugs:⚓︎

  • Wallbugs
  • Edgebugs
  • C-taps
  • Crouch Sniper Peeking / Corner Sniping

If you are unsure about the legality of certain in-game settings or actions, please contact an admin to clarify the situation before playing. Usage of game exploits may result in the overturning of games or rounds, as well as potentially severe penalties to players found abusing them.

[1003.4] - Map/Weapon Exploits⚓︎

Abusing a section or function of a map to gain an unintended and unfair advantage is considered exploitation. Banned exploits commonly include, but are not limited to:

  • Exploiting map flaws to access areas that are out-of-bounds
  • Exploits that allow a player to shoot another opponent without them being able to shoot back
  • Areas on a map where you can cap/deny capture through walls, floors, ceilings, etc.


  • Teams are permitted to build buildings inside of the BLU spawn area of cp_steel.
  • The use of splash damage through grates and fences (such as wishbone/main on cp_steel) is permitted.

Not Allowed:⚓︎

  • Engineer buildings may not be placed in areas where they cannot be destroyed, or in locations considered out of bounds (e.g. teleporters on the stock version of pl_upward 3rd forward spawn route, spawn rooms, etc.).
  • Entering out-of-bounds regions in maps is not permitted.
  • Resupplying through improperly brushed spawn zones is not permitted.
  • Shooting into BLUs 1st spawn from last on pl_upward is not permitted.
  • Using any methods to cancel the phlogistinator animation and extend the pyro’s invulnerability or crits is not permitted.
  • Storing the thermal thruster’s stomp ability while switching to a new secondary weapon is prohibited.
  • Any attempt to extend the intended range of the pyros flamethrower (e.g. getting stuck purposefully to gain velocity and extend the flamethrower range) is not permitted.
  • Taunt killing through walls is not permitted.
  • Shooting through the shutter on the last point of cp_gullywash is not permitted.
  • Shooting flames through the sliding doors on A point of cp_steel is not permitted.
  • Shooting through the small gap in the window on the BLU side of the one-way gate on Swiftwater 2nd point is not permitted.
  • Building up charge meter for Weapon #1 and switching loadout to receive a fully charged Weapon #2. (e.g. Build up the Concheror, switch to the Battalion's Backup with any method, and get a fully charged Battalion. Build up Kritz and switch to fully charged Uber, etc.)

The above list is not exhaustive. If you are unsure about the legality of certain in-map actions or exploitive weapon usage, please contact an admin to clarify the situation before playing. Using map or weapon exploits may result in the overturning of games or rounds or possible league bans.

[1003.5] - Match Fixing⚓︎

In the event of players and teams improperly affecting the outcome of a match, all players involved will be subject to suspension. Should match-fixing be discovered before the end of the tournament, the teams involved will be disqualified.

[1003.6] - Ghosting⚓︎

Ghosting is attempting to gain an unfair advantage by inappropriately sending or receiving real-time match information with participants. For example, unauthorized use of spectator mode by participants/non-participants. If this behavior is discovered, all players involved will be subject to suspension.

[1003.7] - Streaming Conduct⚓︎

Stream sniping is not an actionable offense; streamers are responsible for ensuring their streams are not a detriment to their team. This means that the league will not take action on stream sniping as players assume the risk of streaming their matches. The league recommends delaying streams by at least 90 seconds, muting the game during pauses, or having an overlay during pauses to help mitigate the possibility of stream sniping occurring. Additionally, you are only allowed to stream in official matches if your stream is either:

  1. Delayed at least 90 seconds, OR:
  2. Easily discoverable by the public

Streams are considered easily discoverable by the public when either:

  1. The opposing team is made aware in match comms that player(s) from your team will be streaming with a delay of fewer than 90 seconds at least 30 minutes before the match starts. Streamer(s) must be match participants. These disclosures should make clear who is streaming where and include stream and player profile links. OR:
  2. All the following are true:
    1. Stream is conducted on Twitch with the streamer's Twitch account correctly linked to their RGL profile. AND:
    2. The streamer frequently publicly streams TF2 PUGs/scrims with similar delays. AND:
    3. The team with the stream does not fail to disclose the stream if asked. AND:
    4. Streamer is a match participant.

[1003.8] - No Live Coaching⚓︎

Coaching, either for online or offline RGL events, is strictly prohibited while a match is active. The use of any personnel for coaching to relay information to players in a match must be done before the games, during pauses, halves, or after the match has officially been concluded. If this behavior is discovered, all players involved will be subject to suspension.

[1003.9] - Account Sharing⚓︎

Each player is allowed one RGL account at any given time. Someone creating several accounts or multiple players sharing one account is not allowed. If there are siblings, roommates, LAN centers, etc. who share an IP address, you must make your division admin aware of this as early as possible. Both users will need separate RGL and Steam accounts. Players caught account sharing, whether through RGL or Steam, in official RGL matches will face punishment. These can include match overturns, major penalties, league bans, and more. These will be handled on a case-by-case basis and the punishment will be given based on the severity of the actions. If you wish to change your main RGL account, please notify an admin and they will help you out.

[1003.10] - Improper Server Administration⚓︎

In the event of a match being played on non-league servers, the improper usage of server operator status to influence the outcome of a match will result in suspensions as well as the overturning of match results.

[1003.11] - Reporting⚓︎

To report a cheater, alternate account, or person for misconduct in RGL, please utilize the RGL Support Forms.

Last update: February 20, 2024