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[1008] - Matches⚓︎

[1008.1] - Match Communications⚓︎

Match Communications (Match Comms) is the place where all final agreements should be recorded by both team leaders. If an agreement is made in match comms, it cannot be retracted unless both team leaders agree to retract it in match comms. If teams agree to match stipulations outside of Match Comms (such as on Steam or Discord), they are required to copy the transcripts of their conversations to match comms and both leaders must confirm the decision in match comms as well (i.e. accepted ringer in DM, accept them in match comms as well).

Should a team back out of terms unofficially agreed upon, an available admin should be informed immediately to go over the situation on a case-by-case basis.

Abusing match communications is not allowed. Senseless, offensive, or spam messages will not be tolerated. Instances of this will result in a minor team penalty.

Match Comms are publicly visible so no sensitive or private information such as connect info should be posted there. To communicate it, add the other team's leader on Steam or Discord.

[1008.2] - Match Times⚓︎

Default match times can be found on the registration page for your division.

[1008.3] - Rescheduling Matches⚓︎

Team leaders can agree to reschedule their match to an alternative time, so long as they can report the match results before the result deadline. Dates after the result deadline may be approved by administrators if requested, but this is not guaranteed.

To reschedule a match, both teams must agree to a new time. If the teams cannot agree on a new time, then they will play at the default match time for their division. In special cases where matches do not have a default time, administrators will work with teams in a case-by-case manneimage r. Should a team leave the server during a match and request the match be rescheduled, the opposing team is not obligated to cater to their request.

If a team fails to respond to a reschedule request within 24 hours of it being made, they are deemed to have accepted it. However, for this automatic acceptance, the team proposing the reschedule must prove that they made a reasonable attempt to contact the other team (through Discord or Steam) and ask for a reschedule, and failed to get a response.

[1008.3.1] - Disbanding Opponent Before Match⚓︎

With the possibility of the opposing team disbanding before your match, your division admin may reschedule your team with another that currently has a bye week or against another team that also is facing a disbanding team. Division admins should be notified immediately if the team you are facing is disbanding.

The latest a team may receive a match is up to 36 hours before the default match time. Teams should still be scrimmaging during bye weeks if another team's match may disband.

Please refer to [1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits in the event a team disbands without notice.

[1008.4] - Match Servers⚓︎

Teams may request the option to use an RGL-provided server for their matches. These servers are primarily reserved for Invite or casted matches, so it may be necessary for teams to source their servers given the chance that there may not be enough available. All servers used for matches should be configured properly based on the game mode and format being played. Please refer to the format rules for clarification on this topic.

Servers must be hosted by a dedicated server provider or through rental providers, such as Dedicated server hosts may be a provider that hosts specifically TF2 servers or an AWS/Google/etc server, given that they have enough processing power to handle the respective game mode(s) the server will be utilized for. Servers hosted that are based at a player's residence, or not hosted using a dedicated server provider are not valid servers. Matches played on these servers are invalid and will be overturned.

[1008.4.1] - Default Server Location⚓︎

Whoever is on the home team is expected to provide the server. If the home team cannot provide a server within 15 minutes of the match’s starting time, the away team must attempt to provide a server. If neither team can source a server by 30 minutes past the start, the match will be delayed to be rescheduled. No forfeit win will be awarded because of an inability to provide a server. Servers must be located in the default location for the format's region of play. If both teams agree, a different location in the same region may be used.

The following server locations are default:

  • North America - Chicago
  • Europe - Netherlands
  • Australia - Sydney

Servers with the RGL Server Resources Updater plugin installed will be given preference over servers that do not have it installed within the same location. Servers provided by Serveme or Qixalite are exempt from this requirement.

[1008.4.1.1] - Server Disputes⚓︎

Teams can agree to play both halves/playoff maps on the same server or each half/playoff map on a different server.

If both teams fail to agree on the server to be played, a server will be provided by a division administrator for the teams to play on.

[1008.4.1.2] - Mandatory Server Settings⚓︎

  • Servers must be password protected
  • Servers cannot have unusual or abnormal settings or anything that affects a vanilla play experience negatively/detrimentally
  • Servers must be in sv_pure 2 mode
  • Servers must run the correct config for the game mode and map
  • Servers must be hosted by a dedicated server provider or a rental provider, such as

Other Sourcemod plugins are allowed so long as they do not affect the integrity of the game being played in any way. League configs must not be tampered with in any way whatsoever outside any config that ends in _custom. Possible violations of these rules will be judged on a case-by-case basis. For example, bunnyhopping plugins are allowed as long as they are not enabled for matches.

[1008.4.2] - Server Plugins & Configs ⚓︎

To ensure parity, competitive integrity, and a minimum standard of quality between servers rented by players through dedicated providers and league rules, all servers are required to include the following:

  • Metamod 1.11
  • SourceMod 1.11
  • RGL Server Resources Updater Plugin, which bundles the following:
    • RGL Match Configs for all formats
    • Updated Updater Plugin
    • Updated Pause Plugin
    • TF2 Comp Fixes
    • SrcTV+
    • RGL QOL Tweaks
    • Progressive Ruleset Timer Plugins
    • TF2 Halftime
  • LogsTF/SupStats2/MedicStats by F2
    • OR: TFTrue
    • Note: Match logs must be auto-uploaded using either TFTrue or LogsTF/SupStats2/MedicStats.
  • Uploader
    • Note: Teams may choose to not auto-upload demos, but must provide scrim/match STV demos when requested by an admin or anti-cheat.
      • It is up to teams to agree to an unlisted STV demo request, league staff will not facilitate or mediate STV demo requests.

Other Sourcemod plugins are allowed so long as they do not affect the integrity of the game being played in any way. League configs must not be tampered with in any way whatsoever outside any config that ends in "_custom". Possible violations of these rules will be judged on a case-by-case basis. For example, bunnyhopping plugins are allowed as long as they are not enabled for matches.

[1008.4.3] - Latency⚓︎

Match servers must be reasonably playable for a majority of the players on both teams. (e.g. if half of the away team has ping above 110+, a new server should be used). If a player is from outside the default region of play, they do not need to be accommodated by the home team.

[1008.4.4] - Server Issues⚓︎

If a server freezes, crashes, or gets DDoSed for a prolonged period (60 consecutive seconds or more), the round must be replayed. Any won rounds or halves before the server issues are officially completed and do not need to be replayed.

If either team believes a server disruption influences the outcome of a round, they are expected to pause and open a support ticket in the RGL Discord immediately. Pauses during these times may be longer than expected to allow for the admin team to discuss and make a decision.

If teams do not open a support ticket or unpause before a ruling, then any rounds played after an unpause are officially counted and will not be replayed. If teams do wait for an admin ruling, then they are to follow the ruling of if that round is counted, replayed, or an extra round is to be played and the situation is reviewed in more detail later.

[1008.4.5] - STV⚓︎

STV must be enabled during matches. Upon request, the team hosting the match must give connect info for the STV broadcast to the enemy team.

Should the host team not want their match to be casted by a non-RGL-recognized casting organization ([1010.1] - Casting Organizations), they can let the enemy team know when they provide the STV. Similarly, should the enemy team not want their match to be casted by a non-RGL-recognized casting organization, they can request the same of the host team. If the host or enemy team provides it to a non-RGL-approved casting org despite this, team penalties may be administered.

After the execution of configuration files, it is recommended to reload maps to ensure that the STV is functioning properly.

[1008.4.6] - Match Configs⚓︎

Match servers must use the latest version of configs and the correct version of the map listed on the match page. The hosting team receives a minor penalty for executing incorrect maps, configs, or whitelists.

Players are barred from using weapons that are banned in the latest RGL whitelist for their respective formats. If at any point the player leaves spawn with a banned item or begins to have an impact on the match(e.g. near the front lines, using banned items, equipped passive weapons, etc.), that team immediately forfeits the round and receives a minor penalty. Players who refuse to switch out the banned weapon may incur major penalties for the team and player as well as a full match overturn.

[1008.5] - POV and STV Demos⚓︎

Players must record their POV demos for each match. All POV demos must be a .dem file recorded in TF2 (e.g. TF2's built-in recording system or by typing "record (demoname)" in the console).

Players must store POV demos for at least three months after the final match of the event(format/cup/etc.), by which all participants, have been played. Upon request by a staff member for a particular demo(s), they must supply the requested demo(s) within 48 hours. Non-match demos may be requested if they involve an important case. Intentionally providing the incorrect demos to an official demo request is considered [1007.2.4] - Fraud. Please note that this rule applies to all players in a match, including ringers.

Failure to Submit Demos

  • 1st Offense: Warning (2 Weeks for playoffs match)
  • 2nd Offense: 2 Weeks
  • 3rd Offense: 3 Months
  • 4th+ Offense: 1 Year

Team Penalties

  • 1st Team Offense: Minor Penalty
  • 2nd Team Offense: Minor Penalty
  • 3rd Team Offense: Major Penalty
  • 4th+ Team Offense: Major Penalty

Teams must record STV demos for every match. All STVs are forced to have at least a 90-second delay and any edits to shorten the STV delay are punishable. Should a team be caught changing the STV delay to ghost the match or have live spectators, they will face major penalties. Please refer to [1008.4.2] - Server Plugins & Configs for information on plugins that automatically upload STV demo files.

Should you need to provide a demo please upload it to Google Drive, Discord, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega,, or MediaFire. Other methods will be ignored.

Demo offenses 2 years or older are reset and do not count toward a player's future penalty. Players that have a past ban in [1003] - Game Integrity do not have an expiry with demo offenses.

[1008.5.1] - Invite STV Demos for RGL matches must be uploaded⚓︎

Every Invite RGL match must have its STV demo uploaded for all halves and maps played.

The team that provided the server is obligated to upload the appropriate files to the respective match comms page. This must include a link to the page.

Failure to upload the STV demos within 72 hours after the match has officially concluded will lead to a minor team penalty for the team responsible for uploading the demos.

Team Penalties

  • First Time: Minor Penalty
  • Third time or more: Major Penalty

[1008.6] - Match Punctuality⚓︎

A match should start within 15 minutes of the match start time. If a team fails to have a complete team within this timeframe, then the other team may request a forfeit win if they follow the steps in [1008.7] - Requesting Match Forfeits.

Between halves (halftime), both teams have 10 minutes to have a complete team on the server and resume the match. Should a team fail to resume gameplay on time, the opposing team may claim a forfeit win that includes already achieved match results.

If one team needs more time, the opposing team may choose to delay the start of the match if needed but are within their rights to request a forfeit if they believe that their time is being wasted.

[1008.7] - Requesting Match Forfeits⚓︎

For a team to request a forfeit, a match must be past the default start time or be paused. The team requesting a forfeit must have a full team on the server for 15 minutes and the team must be clear that they want to start the match or unpause before the request. The 15-minute timer starts when one team has all their players on their side present, it is past the default match time, and the team has announced their intention to start the match.

This means that your team cannot be silent and then 15 minutes after match time to request a forfeit win. However, if your team states to the other captain early on through direct message or in-game chat that you do not wish to wait past the allotted time, that would be grounds for obtaining a forfeit win.

e.g. "We would like to start on time. Please make sure to be ready on time."
e.g. "This pause is taking a long time. The default allotted time for a pause is 5 minutes, and we would like to unpause as soon as possible."

If you've made your intentions clear, then you can start the process of requesting a match forfeit. To request a forfeit, you can copy this exact text below into in-game chat or DM. You should also contact an Admin and inform them that you are starting this process.

We are 15 minutes past the match start time and have made it clear that we wish to start. We will get a forfeit win if you do not ready up or unpause in the next 5 MINUTES, per RGL rules. You must have the minimum required number of players on your team to start the match. If you do not ready up or unpause in time, we will get a forfeit.

If teams choose to not copy-paste this quote above, they must inform the opposing team of all of the following terms below:

  1. The minimum number of players necessary for play in the given format

  2. Ready up or unpause in 5 minutes

  3. If they're not ready, there will be a forfeit

If the enemy team does not start up in time, you will receive a “confirmation” from the admin and you may leave the match server.

Should a team request a forfeit win without having a full team for 15 minutes or request a forfeit without giving the opposing team a clear 5-minute warning, their forfeit request will be rejected.

  • In playoffs, administrators will be more strict with awarding forfeit wins and will work with teams to reschedule or allow ringers for the match to be played.

[1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits⚓︎

  • In formats using match points, the team that requested the forfeit will be awarded 5 match points. Teams can reschedule and play again to play for the remaining 4 match points. The team that wins the rescheduled match will receive the appropriate proportion of the remaining 4 points depending on the rounds won.
  • In formats using win/loss, the winner of a forfeit win will be awarded 1 Round Won (RW) point. This is noted on the match page as a forfeit (0-1) or (1-0) respective to the forfeit winner being the Home or Away team. Teams can reschedule and play again for the remaining rounds. The team that originally won the forfeit will start with 1 RW on the scoreboard.

If a rescheduled date/time cannot be agreed upon within a reasonable timeframe before the end of the regular season deadline, none of the remaining RW or match points will be distributed to either team.

If evidence is found of one team refusing to reschedule or ignoring communication about a match reschedule, all remaining available RW or match points will be awarded to their opponent. The same will occur if one team disbands/dies before the end of the regular season.

1st Forfeit Minor Penalty
2nd Forfeit ** The team is expelled from the league for the season
Forfeits during playoffs -50% prize earnings if applicable

** = See 6v6 format-specific rules on forfeit scoring in [3001.7] - Forfeits and Penalties.

[1008.8] - Score Submission⚓︎

Following a match, the team that provides the server must submit match results and link logs ( for each half (not combined logs) immediately upon completion of the match with potential penalties for late or incomplete submission more than 24 hours after the start of the match.

The team providing the match server is responsible for submitting match results and posting all the logs into the match comms; however, the opposing team may also do this. For RGL-provided servers, the responsibility falls on an admin.

If an incorrect match score or match log(s) is submitted, please contact your division administrator by creating a support ticket in the RGL Discord to have this resolved.

[1008.9] - Pauses⚓︎

A team is allowed to initiate one pause per half **. They may use this pause at any time during the half. Using the "repause" command (unpauses and pauses the game instantly to allow the player(s) to join the server) does not count towards this limit.

Only the team that pauses the match may unpause it. They must alert their opponents and check that they are ready before unpausing. Either team can initiate a re-pause if necessary, but they must notify the other team before re-pausing. Both teams are responsible for keeping game chat clear during pauses so unpauses may be communicated. Any team that spams or obscures chat will be held responsible for the consequences.

A pause should take no longer than 5 minutes from either team. If your opponent allows a pause longer than 5 minutes or more than one pause, you are expected to extend the same courtesy to them. Please refer to [1008.7] - Requesting Match Forfeits for forfeits due to unpaused games.

If a player or team spams or abuses the pause feature, they will face penalties.

** = See 6v6 format-specific rules for the number of pauses in [3001.8] - Pauses - Pauses

[1008.10] - Bye Week⚓︎

A bye week refers to a match where a team would have to normally compete, but a match is unable to be scheduled due to an odd number of teams being present in the division. The bye week is typically given to the team ranked lowest in the division that has not already received one during the season.

[1008.11] - Dead Teams⚓︎

Should a team disband before reaching the end of the season, no further matches will be scheduled for said team. For round-robin divisions, match results will be overturned for already played matches. For Swiss divisions, match results will not be overturned for already played matches. The dead team will be ineligible for seeding into playoffs.

[1008.12] - In-Game Match Disputes⚓︎

If players have disputes mid-match, they can reach out to their division admin/moderator to resolve any issues a team may have. If your division admin/moderator is unavailable, please reach out to other admins/moderators in your format. Minor disputes or issues may be solved quickly, such as but not limited to removing a player that is not rostered, unconfirmed/denied ringers, or incorrect config. Should arbitration take longer than 10 minutes (5 minutes max pause limit + 5 minutes extra time), teams are expected to play out the match and wait for a resolution after the match to prevent a rushed decision from being made.

Issues such as full match/playoffs replays, mid-game forfeit wins, round overturns, etc. likely will take longer than 20 minutes and teams will be informed of the final decision after a thorough investigation has been completed.

[1008.13] - Match Throwing / League Fixing⚓︎

If a team is found to be throwing a match, they will face very harsh penalties.

This includes the following, but is not limited to:

  • A team throwing a match against a team on the cusp of the playoffs, to make sure they secure the spot and knock out a more worthy team
  • Purposefully not trying, such as off-classing to suboptimal team compositions in terms of skill or game situation or suboptimal ringers who are below the division's team skill level
  • Purposely running in and not shooting at your opponents
  • Purposely not completing the objective (e.g. refusing to capture the objective to lose the game to allow the other team to win.)
  • Intentionally AFKing or idling during a match

Punishments will depend on the severity of the situation but are not limited to: the team being expelled from playoffs, major penalties being applied, suspensions to players who took part in the scheme, and winnings being forfeited. Extended punishments are given to the team leader, ring leader, or Invite team.

  • Match Throwing
    • Regular Season: Major Penalty and 20% of winnings removed
    • Qualifiers: Removed from season / 1-season suspension; 2-season suspension for the team leader. Plus probation.
    • Playoffs: Removed from playoffs / Loss of all winnings / 4-week suspension (5 weeks for Invite) (Delayed to start at the next season). Plus probation.
    • Grand Finals: Removed from playoffs / Loss of all winnings / 1-season suspension; 2-season suspension for the team leader (2 seasons for players with 3 for the leader for Invite). Plus probation.
  • Match-fixing *: Removed from the league / Loss of all winnings / 2-season suspension for the players fixing/throwing the match; 3-season suspension for the team leader fixing/throwing (3 seasons for players with 4 for the leader for Invite). Plus probation.

  • = Players that are penalized violate [1008.13] - Match Throwing / League Fixing Repeat offenders for the following will double their ban length for each new offense.

[1008.14] - Team Starting Sides⚓︎

In the regular season, the home team will decide which side they want to play.

In playoffs, the team that chose the map will decide which side they want to play.

If agreed upon, teams may engage in a medic melee-only fight. By default, the medic melee fight must be 1v1 and use only melee weapons without any unlocks. Should one side use a primary/secondary/unlock weapon, receive any other form of healing (such as a buff) from a teammate, or run away from the fight, it is an automatic forfeit to the other side. If agreed upon by both teams, they may opt-in for a melee fight with an equal number of multiple medics.

Teams may swap sides at the half if they wish (any deviations are noted in the format rules).

[1008.15] - Rounds Won Percentage and Match Points⚓︎

Rounds Won Percentage (e.g. 6v6):

  • The Rounds Won Percentage is calculated by dividing the cumulative Rounds won by the team in official matches by the sum of the team's Rounds Won and Rounds Lost in those matches.
  • Note: Potential Rounds Won may vary by game mode with up to 5 Rounds possible on 5CP maps and up to 4 on King of the Hill maps.
  • See Sixes Rulebook [3001.6] - League Table - League Table for additional information.

Rounds Won Percentage = (Rounds Won) / (Rounds Won + Rounds Lost) - Example: The team has played four matches in the season with reported match scores of 2-1, 3-4, 5-0, and 4-1. Their Rounds Won Percentage would be calculated as follows: - Rounds Won: 14 (2+3+5+4). Rounds Lost: 6 (1+4+1). Rounds Won Percentage: 70% (14/(14+6)).

Match Points (e.g. Highlander & Prolander):

  • A winning team can earn up to 9 match points. A losing team can win up to 3 match points. Both teams earn points based on the number of rounds they win in the game.
  • See Highlander or Prolander Rulebook [2001.6] - League Table or [5001.6] - League Table - League Table for additional information.

Loser Points = (Losing Team Rounds Won) / (Winning team rounds won - 1) * 3
Winner Points = 9 - (Loser Points)

[1008.16] - Disruption of RGL Services⚓︎

The intentional disruption of the RGL site, forums, and other services run by RGL is not allowed.

This includes the following but is not limited to:

  • DDoSing servers being used for RGL matches, the RGL site, or its various services
  • Intentionally interfering by connecting to an RGL match. Players can be found to be disrupting matches (before the start of the match, during halftime, ongoing gameplay, or during pauses) if they do not immediately disconnect from the server or refuse to leave the server upon a team requesting the player(s) to leave the server.
  • Intentionally tampering with server settings (refer to [1008.4.1.2] - Mandatory Server Settings) to disrupt the match or gain an unfair advantage over the players on the server
  • Attempts to boycott the league during seasonal competition to disrupt play during the regular season or playoffs (suspensions do not apply for this)

Punishments will depend on the severity of the situation but are not limited to: the team being expelled from the league, major penalties being applied, suspensions to players who took part in the scheme, and winnings being forfeited.

[1008.17] - Playoffs⚓︎

Teams who have made the cutoff for playoffs in their respective divisions will be sorted into a standard bracket depending on the format. See each format's Rules and the specific Season's Playoffs Article for format-dependent differences.

For all playoff brackets, teams will be sorted by their seeding in the regular season. The top-seeded team will have a match against the bottom-seeded team, the second-seeded team will have a match against the team one seed above the bottom, and so forth.

In single-elimination brackets, all teams who lose a match will be eliminated except the semi-final match losers. Teams who lose in the semi-finals match will be placed into a third-place match, with all other losing teams retaining their seeding from the regular season. A single-elimination playoffs bracket with the top 16 teams in a division competing would be formatted as follows:

A standard single elimination bracket of 16 teams

A standard single elimination bracket of 16 teams

In double-elimination brackets, teams can lose two matches before getting knocked out. Teams who lose a match will be placed into the loser's bracket and will be knocked out if another loss is accrued. A double-elimination playoffs bracket with the top 4 teams of a division competing would be formatted as follows:

A standard double elimination bracket of 8 teams

A standard double elimination bracket of 8 teams

For the first round of playoffs, teams with higher seeding from the regular season will be set as the home team for their respective matches and will be held responsible for all rules detailed in [1008] - Matches. Exceptions will vary in either single-elimination or double-elimination brackets below:

  • For every round in single-elimination brackets (including the bronze match), home status is rewarded to the higher-seeded team (e.g. #4 seed would be the home team facing the #8 seed team in the semifinals).
  • For lower bracket finals in double-elimination brackets, the home status is rewarded to the team coming from the upper bracket finals. In the grand finals match, the home status is rewarded to the winner of the upper bracket finals facing the lower bracket finals winner. In the event of a bracket reset in a grand finals series, the winner of the first best of three will be given home status.

Last update: May 11, 2024