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[1010] - Match Casts⚓︎

[1010.1] - Casting Organizations⚓︎

Casting organizations that are casting an RGL match must notify the teams either in Discord, Steam, or on the official RGL match comms about their match being casted. This should include a link or a reference to an event page or stream that will be covering the match.

Match cast rules apply to these casting organizations:, TFTV, CappingTV, Essentialstf, eXtvesports, and FiresideCasts.

RGL will not enforce the match cast rules for casting organizations not listed above.

Casting organizations that wish to apply to be an RGL-recognized casting organization can apply on Google Forms. Applicants must meet the requirements in the document linked in the form.

[1010.1.1] - Tardiness⚓︎

We expect punctuality from top teams. For matches that are not casted, teams are still expected to follow the standard start time rules. However, for matches that are being casted, if the match does not start within twenty minutes of the start time the team(s) which are not ready will be issued a minor penalty. After that, every 10 minutes that pass without the match starting will elicit another minor penalty for the team(s) that are not ready. This is capped at a maximum of 1 major penalty per match.

For example, if a match is agreed to be played at 10:00 PM ET, cumulative penalties will be given at the following times:

  • 10:20 PM ET or 20 minutes past match time = 1 Minor Penalty Total
  • 10:30 PM ET or 30 minutes past match time = 2 Minor Penalties Total
  • 10:40 PM ET or 40 minutes past match time = 3 Minor Penalties (1 Major) Total

If you know your team cannot start on time, please contact an admin and the casting organization team before the start of the match time immediately.

[1010.1.2] - Disrupting Casted Matches⚓︎

If a team or player messes with a cast by changing maps, executing the off config, or anything that turns off the STV so that the viewers cannot see the conclusion to a match, etc., a major penalty will be applied against the team. An appeal process can be opened up to get this reduced to a minor penalty in the event it was unintentional.

[1010.1.3] - Aliases / Fakenicking⚓︎

During casted matches, player names must match their RGL aliases. Names do not have to be exact, but anyone who glances at your name should be able to instantly understand who you are. This is capped at a maximum of 1 major penalty per match.

  • 1 Player Wrong Alias = 1 Minor Penalty
  • < ½ Team Wrong Alias = 2 Minor Penalties
  • >= ½ Team Wrong Alias = 3 Minor Penalties (1 Major)

[1010.1.4] - Casted Matches Cancellations⚓︎

Matches that are to be casted must be played on the match time agreed in match comms, or they can reschedule if agreed to twelve hours beforehand so that casting can be coordinated with the production team of the casting organization. Teams must also be given a 12 hour notice that their match will be casted by the casting organization. Teams that violate this rule will receive a major penalty. An appeal process can be opened up to get this reduced to a minor penalty if it was unintentional (e.g. emergency or unforeseen event pops up).

[1010.1.5] - Anti-disruption Guidelines⚓︎

For matches that are casted, players should exercise the following guidelines to avoid possible interruptions of their match:

  • If a server with DDoS protection is available, players are encouraged to use said server
  • All players on your team should be “Invisible” on Steam or have their “Game details” on “Private” before connecting to the match server
  • Once all players have successfully connected to the server, the server operator with access to RCON is encouraged to change the password to the server to avoid possible leaks
  • After the conclusion of a map or a match, the server operator with access to RCON should wait for 90 seconds for the STV delay to catch up to avoid turning off the STV and affecting the viewers on the stream

[1010.2] - Official Casts Exceptions⚓︎

RGL matches that are covered by the stream will have rules, which may override the RGL rules or rules above.

[1010.2.1] - Match Server⚓︎ will have a casting server on which casted matches will be played. If both the home team and the production team agree, the match may be played on a server provided by the home team instead. If the server undergoes persistent disruptive issues (e.g. DDoS, lag, wrong configurations, etc.), the match will be required to play on a server provided by

[1010.2.2] - Server Credentials⚓︎

If your match is being casted and for some reason (e.g. DDoS, lag, etc.) is not being played on the casting server, then you must provide an admin with the RCON password and STV info for your server.

[1010.2.3] - Player Stream Delay⚓︎

If a player is playing in an casted match and is also streaming their POV (e.g. through, they must put their stream on at least a 3-minute delay. Players should also check with an admin beforehand if they have any questions regarding a stream delay for their particular match. Players who fail to adequately delay their stream will receive team minor penalties. These penalties stack (e.g. two players doing this at one time would result in two punishments)

[1010.2.4] - Invite Grand Finals Coverage⚓︎

Invite grand finals matches will exclusively be covered by

[1010.2.5] - Casting the same match as⚓︎

Only casting organizations mentioned under [1010.1] - Casting Organizations can broadcast into the STV and cover the same match as

What is the purpose of this rule?⚓︎

  • Addressing limited STV slots & lag with STV
  • To help mitigate possible DDoS attacks with STV information being leaked
  • To avoid the server being affected performance-wise (increase in CPU usage due to number of users in STV)
  • To avoid an STV slot being taken away from the production team (either from trying to connect or reconnect)

Secondary considerations⚓︎

  • Promoting coverage of more Invite matches happening during the same day and time (rather than having multiple coverages of the same game)
  • The last tangible benefit pertains to sponsors and their specific outlook on the viewership numbers themselves. Sponsors simply do not care about multiple other streams covering the same match, even if collectively, the viewership is a high number. They are looking at the viewership itself for the one stream as a whole. RGL is still in talks with different sponsors and selling the brand becomes difficult for this specific reason. It should be noted that we are not making any money from the sponsor money.

Last update: August 25, 2023