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[2004] Playoffs

See [1008.17] - Playoffs for general bracket structure info.

[2004.1] - Bo3 Match Variations⚓︎

During playoffs in the best of three matchups, any KoTH map will be played as a Bo7 (first to four rounds wins) and Payload maps will be played in full Bo3 (first to two halves) by default.

Team leaders are allowed to request to play a Bo5 on KoTH maps or a Bo1 (whoever wins the round wins the map) on Stopwatch maps, but may only play the map on these conditions if both team leaders agree in match comms.

[2004.2] - Playoffs Map Pick/Bans⚓︎

Teams must complete their pick/bans on time. Teams with adequate time will be penalized for not completing the process in time.

Pick/bans must be completed through match communications on the website by the specified deadline, 72 hours before default match time.

Should a team reach out to the other team to complete the map pick/bans and the other team fails to respond within the 72 hour pick/ban deadline, the team that attempted contact will receive the first ban from the enemy team. Should there be a continued failure or cooperation to respond within 24 hours of the deadline, the other team will choose all of the maps for the match.

Please talk to your respective division admin if you may have trouble with this deadline, so we can give you more time if needed.

The following steps should be taken to select maps for any best of three matches (e.g. playoffs). Home/Away status in playoffs does not apply.

  1. The team that is the higher-seeded team from the regular season chooses to either be Team A or Team B.
  2. Team A bans a map
  3. Team B bans a map
  4. Team B picks a map
  5. Team A picks a map
  6. Team A bans a map
  7. Team B picks a map

Last update: December 21, 2023