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[6002] Format Rules

[6002.1] - Adjustments to Regular Playoffs Formats⚓︎

Players may assume any matches played at an RGL LAN will typically adhere to the non-LAN playoffs format for their respective division and game mode. Any adjustments made to the traditional formats will be listed in the document below and forwarded to players beforehand.

[6002.2] - LAN Participation⚓︎

For seasons where playoffs are held at a LAN, the top 4 teams in the Invite division will participate at an offline event, held at a designated venue and location. In the case that one of the top 4 teams does not wish to play, they will forfeit their spot in the playoffs and the next highest seed will replace them. The team that forfeits its playoff spot will be ranked in the next highest spot below the remaining playoffs teams in their final placement.

If you know your team cannot attend LAN, an RGL admin must be alerted immediately.

Last update: August 19, 2022