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[6003] Code of Conduct

[6003.1] - Player Conduct⚓︎

Players are expected to follow [1002.1] - Sportsmanship and Spirit. Alongside [1002.1] - Sportsmanship and Spirit, as an in-person event players are expected to extend their normal sportsmanlike behavior to the LAN venue. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Not using overly obscene (racist, misogynistic, homophobic, offensive, etc.) language in person, whether it be during a match, in team communications, or in general at the venue
  • Not wearing clothing with offensive or obscene imagery/language
  • Not engaging in violent or harassing behavior of any type

Furthermore, any conduct or behavior rules not only apply to the treatment of fellow players, RGL administration, production, and staff, but also of any LAN venue staff. Any failure to comply with these rules will result in harsher penalties than online events and will depend on the severity of the infraction. These penalties will largely remain up to admin discretion, but can include:

  • League bans, severity dependent on the specific infraction
  • Immediate playoff expulsion
  • Fines result in the reduction of total winnings

Please note that alongside treating others with respect, players are also expected to treat any equipment and hardware with respect, and to do their best to keep it in the state it was provided in. If any issues regarding equipment or hardware arise, players are expected to notify either LAN admins or venue staff promptly.

[6003.2] - Punctuality⚓︎

Players will be provided with a schedule before the event, that details any upcoming matches or meetings. If any changes are made to the schedule, players will be told promptly. Before any matches, players will be informed where to meet before any meetings or matches.

For casted matches, players are encouraged to be at their provided computer at least 10 minutes before the match start time to identify and fix any technical problems. Failure to be present at the designated location at match start time will result in penalties, including but not limited to:

  • 5% of prize payouts deducted every 5 minutes late to the match (excluding technical issues)
  • If over 20 minutes late, a FFW can be awarded on behalf of the absent team (excluding technical issues)

Please note that teams, as a whole, are expected to be responsible for each player. As such, a whole team may be penalized if one player is causing match or meeting delays. In case of any delays due to unforeseen circumstances, please alert a LAN admin or staff as soon as possible.

[6003.3] - Respect⚓︎

Players and spectators are expected to treat all staff, admins, other players, and spectators with respect. Failure to uphold these basic standards may result in result in penalties, including but not limited to:

Players - Formal warning(s) - Major or minor penalties applied to a teams roster (NOTE: these will be subject to penalties applied during playoffs) - If severe, removal of player(s) from playoffs / venue

Spectators - Formal warning(s) - If severe, removal of the person from the venue

Last update: August 19, 2022