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[6004] Team Matters and Rosters

[6004.1] - Broadcasting⚓︎

Participation in RGL LAN includes acknowledgment and consent of any on-stream or video advertising using a team’s name, logo, and appearance. This entails advertising which teams are participating in the LAN event and the use of logos in promotional material for the event. No use of a name or logo or likeness for any merchandising will occur without the team's expressed and written consent.

[6004.2] - Team Rosters⚓︎

Teams are expected to follow [1009] - Substitutes and Ringers, however, more lenient exceptions will be made allowing for non-rostered ringers and subs. Ringers must be approved by an RGL division or head admin before the event, and are expected to adhere to [6003.1] - Player Conduct. As such, if a ringer infringes on any rule within the LAN rulebook or Global rulebook, the team ringing said player may also be subject to penalties, if applicable.

[6004.3] - Team Coaches⚓︎

Teams are allowed one (1) Team Coach who may stand behind players during matches and listen to their team's match communication. Team coaches may be swapped out with a team player if so desired, and the player may take the coach's place once per game.

During matches, coaches may only communicate with players during half times, between maps, and during "tactical pauses**"

**Note: A tactical pause is a pause that happens in-between rounds.

Captains can inform their team to take a tactical pause after a round finishes using non-verbal cues. (e.g. shoulder tap)

Last update: August 19, 2022