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[6005] Scheduling

[6005.1] - Team Meetings ⚓︎

Teams will be alerted to any required team meetings, and if specified, may be required to have at least one member show up. Teams are expected to alert an admin to which of their players will represent their team at a meeting. The representative is assumed to be able to make any relevant decisions for their team including match schedules or map pick/bans.

Failure to either respond to an admin regarding who will represent a team or failure for a specified player to show up to a match meeting may result in punctuality penalties as listed in section [6003.2] - Punctuality.

[6005.2] - Match Schedules⚓︎

Match schedules will be posted beforehand, and teams will be made aware of said schedule. Alongside the schedule, casted matches will be indicated by production beforehand. A match page will be created on the RGL website, which will include standard match communications, however, teams can expect to be notified by Discord or in person as well. For use of match communications and any rules regarding them, please see the section on [1008.1] - Match Communications.

For casted matches, teams are expected to follow [1010] - Match Casts, however, any penalties regarding punctuality or player conduct are subject to their LAN-specific additions and modifications, such as in the sections [6003.2] - Punctuality or [6003.1] - Player Conduct.

[6005.3] - Setup/Warm-Up⚓︎

Teams will be provided computers and a non-match server to use as setup and warm-up up to one (1) hour before a designated match start time. Teams will be provided with the match server 10 minutes before match start time, and are expected to have executed necessary configs and set the server to the appropriate map by match start time. Failure to do so may result in relevant punctuality penalties.

[6005.4] - Match Delays⚓︎

Match delays will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Regardless of specific instances, players can be expected to be notified of any adjustments to match start time and any alterations to the match punctuality rules will be made to help players meet the new match deadline. These alterations will be up to admin discretion, and players will be alerted to any new requirements/modifications of these rules.

[6005.4.1] - Production Delays⚓︎

In the case of delays caused by production, whether due to incidents involving staff or production equipment/hardware failure, teams will be alerted and asked to postpone a match while the issue is being resolved. In the case that a delay lasts for an extended period, teams may be informed of either an overall reschedule or may be told to continue with their match without the cast resuming. Regardless of the decision, players can be expected to be kept informed throughout, and to keep communication quick and efficient, are expected to remain at the match area while any issues are resolved.

[6005.4.2] - Player Equipment/Hardware Failure Delays⚓︎

In the case of a player's equipment/hardware failing, players are expected to notify both RGL LAN staff and production in a quick and timely manner. Accordance with quickly alerting staff will ensure that a player does not receive punctuality penalties due to technical issues outside of their control. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Computer-related issues (Computer overheating, blue screens, frame drops, etc.)
  • Peripheral related issues
  • Game-related issues (Including both server side and client side issues)
  • Voice communication-related issues

RGL LAN staff may use discretion to decide if other technical-related issues fall under this section.

Last update: August 19, 2022