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[6006] Matches

[6006.1] - Match Rules and Match Communications⚓︎

Matches will be subject to typical RGL rules regarding [1008] - Matches (as well as each ), [1008.9] - Pauses, [1008.4.6] - Match Configs, and [1008.5] - POV and STV Demos. Use of match communications will be required as specified in [1008.1] - Match Communications, however relevant deadlines will be extended up to 48 hours after the match start time.

[6006.2] - Match Server⚓︎

A LAN server will be provided for a match 10 minutes before the match start time. The server will have all regular RGL configs, maps, and plugins as specified in [1008.4.2] - Server Plugins & Configs . Teams will be supplied with the RCON address and password, and are expected to execute any relevant configs, alongside changing the map when necessary. If requested by production, teams are expected to provide the match STV. STV may only be shared with authorized production groups.

Please note that players are expected to remain in the server for the duration of the match. If a player must leave a server for any reason, they are expected to notify either LAN staff or production and provide a reason why (e.g. restarting the game, editing config, etc.)

[6006.3] - Match Pauses⚓︎

Pauses are still subject to [1008.9] - Pauses. If extra pauses are required for either technical reasons or to resolve issues as they pop up, teams may request additional time from LAN admins or staff. Extra time/pauses may be allotted on a case-by-case basis. Please note that in the case of pauses, any coaches present are only allowed to speak with players for tactical pauses (see [6004.3] - Team Coaches for more details). Players are required to specify in-game chat the reason for the pause, as well as alert production of the pause reason as the pause occurs. Players are not allowed to strategize or speak about game theories while not using a tactical pause. Admins and LAN staff will monitor teams during non-tactical pauses to ensure pauses are not abused.

Last update: August 19, 2022