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[6007] Match Complaints

[6007.1] - Match Result Complaints⚓︎

If a team wishes to issue a complaint regarding a match result, they have up to 30 minutes after the match to do so. A complaint may be issued regarding:

  • Opponents breaking any of the rules regarding [1003] - Game Integrity
  • Opponents behaving in an unsportsmanlike manner
  • Issues regarding inappropriate match configs
  • Production rule infringements
  • Abuse of Match communications

Please note complaints are not limited to the above; however, teams are encouraged to be discerning in what they decide to complain about. How a complaint is handled will be largely up to admin discretion, but can include:

  • Round overturn
  • Match overturn
  • Match replay
  • Penalties applied to offending player/team

[6007.2] - Complaints after a 30-minute period⚓︎

Complaints may be considered after the 30 minutes following a match’s conclusion; however, round/match overturns and replays will no longer be considered as options for penalties. This is done to ensure the tournament does not deviate from the initial schedule beyond what is expected. Penalties for any rule infractions may still be applied; however, they will largely be limited to league-based penalties or reductions in overall prize payouts.

Last update: August 19, 2022