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[6008] Game Integrity

[6008.1] - General Game Integrity⚓︎

RGL LANs will adhere to [1003] - Game Integrity. This includes, but is not limited to, rules regarding:

  • Match throwing
  • Ghosting
  • Match Fixing
  • Cheating and use of unauthorized 3rd party software
  • Scripts
  • Game exploits
  • Map exploits
  • Weapon exploits
  • Ghosting (e.g Looking at an opponent/in-venue screens to gain information about the game)

All information regarding RGL’s rules on [1003] - Game Integrity can be found in the RGL Global Rulebook.

[6008.2] - LAN Anti-Cheat Rules⚓︎

To ensure fair play, LAN admins and staff may ask to check any files installed on a computer at any point, before, during, or after a match. Similarly, an admin may request to view files on a USB device that are intended to be put on a computer used for a match. Admins, at any point during the tournament, may collect USBs to verify no inappropriate files that may affect game integrity are on the USBs. Players may only download pre-approved files, sent to LAN admins/staff in advance, during the tournament. No new files from the internet may be downloaded at any point unless approved by a LAN admin.

Last update: August 19, 2022