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[5003] Matches

[5003.1] - Match Times⚓︎

Default match times can be found on the registration page for your division.

[5003.2] - Match Points⚓︎

Match points will be earned for the regular season based on how well a team does in the match. Even if a team doesn't win a game, they can still score match points by winning rounds.

Each match can earn a team up to 3 points.


Gamemode Score Point Distribution (Win v. Loss)
KOTH 4-0 3 0
KOTH 4-1 2.67 0.33
KOTH 4-2 2.34 0.66
KOTH 4-3 2 1
Payload 2-1 2 1

Match points are rounded to two decimal points.

For playoff matches, there are no match points. The team that wins the match moves on to the next round.

Last update: July 31, 2022