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[9000] - Discord PUG Rules⚓︎

Discord PUGs are an official part of the league, so all league rules apply and punishments may carry over. Therefore, for example, bigoted or toxic comments, including slurs of any kind, are not allowed, as map exploits are not allowed in matches.

[9000.1] - Respect⚓︎

Players are expected to be respectful to all players and PUG staff. You should not BM or excessively taunt enemies, trash talk, micromanage, or harass members of your team. Constructive criticism is both allowed and welcome, but it should not cross into the territory of making your teammates feel bad or unwelcome.

[9000.2] - Communication⚓︎

Players are expected to practice good teamwork by communicating and cooperating with their teams. After being moved to Building Game, you should be undeafened and stay undeafened so you can hear your teammate's comms. Coordination between players on a team is critical for games to be successful! You should keep this in mind when you consider how you play. Similarly, unless you have a good reason to not be using voice chat (please message this reason to the RGL Robo-Pug Bot), you should use it to communicate with teammates and not mic spam. Players are expected to use English when participating in PUGs to allow quick communication and moderation.

[9000.3] - Class Flexibility⚓︎

Players are expected to be mindful of other players on their teams. Due to the nature of PUGs, you may not always get the class you want. Be flexible and be prepared to try out other classes. In particular, if an inexperienced player cannot reliably play more than one class, please try to be flexible with your class selection to accommodate them.

[9000.4] - Griefing⚓︎

Players are expected to take PUGs seriously enough to ensure other players in the PUG have fun. Throwing and memeing in PUGs are not allowed. For instance, if you select Demoman and go full demo knight, not only are you taking away from your team the potential area damage you could be doing, but you are also preventing someone else from picking Demoman. Therefore, we ask that you try to remain reasonably within your class's role, and don't run permanent off-meta strategies, especially if they're not working.

[9000.5] - PUG Readiness⚓︎

Players should be ready to play when added up into Pickup Waiting. You are not guaranteed a spot in a PUG or on a team with your friends. Do not leave a PUG if you are unhappy with your team. Similarly, do not add up to PUGs if you won't reasonably be able to finish the PUG before you are forced to leave. Emergencies do happen and we respect that, but please try to be mindful. If an emergency arises, please message the current PUG Runner as soon as possible.

[9000.6] - Running PUGs⚓︎

Only PUG Runners may run PUGs. This includes not only hosting PUGs but also sorting teams, handling moderation, pausing or unpausing games, etc. If you have any concerns, please direct message the RGL Robo-Pug Bot on Discord, and the PUG Runner will handle the situation.

[9000.7] - Ban Discussion⚓︎

PUGs are not a place to discuss RGL bans or conduct violations. This may lead to arguments and interfere with the flow of PUGs. If you have any conduct violations to report to RGL, forms can be found in the #support-archive channel.

Last update: August 26, 2023