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If a rule is prepended with (Old), it means the rule may have been removed or moved to a difference section or index. Please refer to the actual rule book for the latest version of this rule.

The (Old) tag is prepended automatically with no manual intervention. Should you find the correct location of this rule, please let us know via a ticket in our Discord!


[1003.3] - Game Exploits⚓︎

Examples of allowed bugs:

  • Wallbugs
  • Edgebugs
  • C-taps
  • Crouch Sniper Peeking / Corner Sniping

Crouch Sniper Peeking / Corner Sniping has been added to the list of allowed bugs in our rules.

(Old) [1009.4.1] - Ringer Guidelines⚓︎

If a team is going to use a ringer, the team leader must inform the other team through match communications. The team leader must explain who they are ringing and include a link to their RGL profile.


Teams that do not inform the opposing team of ringers before a match will receive a MINOR PENALTY, as well as have their match potentially overturned. A second offense will result in a major penalty. Misinforming the opposing team of a player's skill level or providing incorrect profiles may also have the same penalties as well.

(Old) [1009.3.1] - Ringer Guidelines has been updated to change the major warning/penalty to a minor for teams that violate the above clause.

[1003.1] - Cheating⚓︎

RGL does not tolerate cheating in TF2 in any form. If RGL receives evidence (demos, server or anti-cheat software logs, etc) of someone cheating anywhere in TF2 (including public servers, scrims, and PUGs (Pick-Up Games)), that person will be subject to league penalties. There is no appeal process. If another player on their team undoubtedly knew/aided/supported their cheating, they may be subjected to a ban. When players take part and participate in our league, RGL expects all of our players to keep their accounts cheat-free. If a player gets banned for a cheating-related offense, all matches the player participated in during the seasons will be overturned.

[1003.1] - Cheating has been updated to clarify that all matches that a cheater has participated in during the season will be overturned.

(Old) [1009.3.1] - Ringer Guidelines⚓︎


Teams can specify classes that the ringer is allowed/not allowed to play during a match. If no specific classes are stated, then a ringer is allowed to play all classes by default.

(Old) [1009.3.1] - Ringer Guidelines has been updated to specify that teams can specify the classes that a ringer is allowed/not allowed to play.

[1006.1] - Team Names, Tags, and Avatars⚓︎

Teams may not change names once the season starts: this is due to complications with our scheduling system and to alleviate the workload on the news writing and casting organization teams.

Offensive team names, tags, or avatars are not allowed in RGL. If admins deem your team name, tag, or avatar to not be up to RGL's standards, we will ask you to change it. If after multiple attempts you are unable to come up with a reasonable team name or tag, the admins will select one for you. Penalties may be administered on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of the situation.

[1006.1] - Team Names, Tags, and Avatars has been updated to include RGL profile avatars.

(Old) [1006.9.1] - RGL Skill Range per Division Guideline⚓︎

RGL Division Skill Ranges
Invite The best of the best. Invite players are highly experienced with an excellent understanding of the game.
Challenger Challenger is the division for a mix of players with Top Advanced or Invite experience, but did not make the cut for Invite.
Advanced These players and teams have a great understanding of the game and excellent mechanics.
Main Players here will have a good understanding of the game with several seasons of experience or more under their belt.
Intermediate These teams will have a strong grasp on the fundamentals of the game and be developing a more detailed understanding. Players will usually (but not always) have a few seasons of experience.
Amateur Most teams have a beginner's understanding of the game and have little competitive experience.
Newcomer For teams and players that are completely new to competitive TF2.

(Old) [1006.9.1] - RGL Skill Range per Division Guideline has been updated to include the new "Challenger" division for Highlander.

Last update: July 31, 2022