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If a rule is prepended with (Old), it means the rule may have been removed or moved to a difference section or index. Please refer to the actual rule book for the latest version of this rule.

The (Old) tag is prepended automatically with no manual intervention. Should you find the correct location of this rule, please let us know via a ticket in our Discord!


[1006.1] - Team Names, Tags, and Avatars⚓︎

Teams may not change names once the season starts. This complicates our scheduling system and puts extra work on our casting and media teams. Teams that receive a sponsorship mid-season may be granted an exception on a case-by-case basis and should contact their division admin.

Offensive team names, tags, or avatars are not allowed in RGL. If admins deem your team name, tag, or avatar to not be up to RGL's standards, we will ask you to change it. If after multiple attempts you are unable to come up with a reasonable team name or tag, the admins will select one for you. Penalties may be administered on a case-by-case basis depending on the severity of the situation.

[1006.1] - Team Names, Tags, and Avatars has been updated to include an exception for sponsored teams.

[1003.1] - Cheating⚓︎

Cheating (Aimbot/ESP)

  • 1st offense: 2-Years
  • 2nd offense: Permanent Ban
  • VAC Bans: 2-Years (Unless confirmed to be non-TF2 related)

[1003.1] - Cheating has been updated to bring the length of VAC bans to be in line with a cheating ban.

(Old) [1007.2.3] - Fraud⚓︎


  • Do not impersonate (or imply inclusion/affiliation ) any RGL staff (e.g. Impersonating a staff member to scam contacts, have ill-intent with making decisions, or create false perceptions to an external party)

(Old) [1007.2.3] - Fraud has been updated to clarify the impersonation guidelines in the fraud section.

[1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits⚓︎

The team that requested the forfeit will be awarded 1.6 match points. Teams can reschedule and play again for the remaining 1.4 match points. Match points do not get redistributed until both teams make up the match.

With the possibility of a team disbanding without notice before or after the match or being unable to reschedule the forfeited match, the other team will receive full match points. Teams that neglect to inform admins about a disbanding team will only receive 1.6 match points.

[1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits has been updated to include clarification on when the other team would receive full match points.

[1006.3.1] - Roster Transactions⚓︎

With the possibility of teams rostering players from a division higher than the division that they are competing in, division admins may deny roster transactions midseason. Depending upon circumstances, players may be locked to/from certain classes, or removed from rosters.

During the first two weeks of the season, teams are permitted as many roster transactions as needed. Following this period, teams are permitted roster joins proportionate to a third of the format's team size (e.g. 2 for 6s/Prolander, 3 for Highlander) per week until roster locks.

  • Highlander - 3 Players
  • 6v6 - 2 Players
  • Prolander - 2 Players

[1006.3.1] - Roster Transactions has been updated to reflect the other global rules with team sizes (i.e. out of the region or probation players are limited to three a team respectively).

Last update: July 31, 2022