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If a rule is prepended with (Old), it means the rule may have been removed or moved to a difference section or index. Please refer to the actual rule book for the latest version of this rule.

The (Old) tag is prepended automatically with no manual intervention. Should you find the correct location of this rule, please let us know via a ticket in our Discord!


(Old) [3009.1] - Playoff Round Scheduling⚓︎

Date ranges for playoffs rounds will be announced around Week 6 of the regular season. Games must be played within these ranges to avoid delays of the bracket.

(Old) [3009.2] - Invite Grand Finals Scheduling⚓︎

The Grand Finals match for the Invite division must be scheduled a minimum of five days after the Lower Bracket Finals match to facilitate promotion of the match. Teams may be assessed harsh prize pool penalties should this be disregarded.

(Old) [1002.4.11] - Team Mutiny⚓︎

A two-thirds majority of rostered players may elect to have a team leader's status removed or for the player to be removed from the roster entirely. A replacement leader must also be designated by the majority, A team representative may open a support ticket or contact their Division Admin to begin this process.

(Old) [1002.4.11] - Team Mutiny has been added to address the formal process of how a team can elect to have a team leader's status removed or for a player to be removed from the roster entirely.

[1009.3] - No Live Spectators⚓︎

Spectators are strictly prohibited in any RGL match. Only RGL admins will be allowed to spectate a match to handle match dispute cases.

[1009.3] - No Live Spectators has been added to clarify that live spectators are strictly prohibited in any RGL match.


[1003.3] - Game Exploits⚓︎

The abuse of unintended functions of the game that give unfair advantages is considered exploitation. Below are some examples: - Bypassing configuration-imposed class limits - Entering the player model default pose (“civilian pose”) - Sniper scope transparency ‡ - Spy cloak/footstep/Ubercharge sound scripts and hearing aids (software enhancements or audio mods to make specific sounds louder) or edit using surface properties* - Alteration of game settings to make map objects transparent - Rate hacking - Intentionally abusing the retry command to void the respawn time and achieve a faster respawn time - Uber Pause Bug (bug where medics can continue healing a player during a pause, which allows the medic to build ubercharge) - Otherwise unlisted sv_pure exploits

[1003.3] - Game Exploits has been updated to list another common exploit, which is the uber pause bug.

For players that may be unfamiliar, there is still a bug where medics can continue healing a player during a pause. This allows the medic to build ubercharge. We insist that server owners update their servers with this updated pause plugin which prevents this from happening.

For teams that abuse this exploit, disputed rounds may be overturned and/or punishments will be given to teams and players accordingly.

[1008.5] - POV and STV Demos⚓︎


Should you need to provide a demo please upload it to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Mega,, or MediaFire. Other methods will be ignored.

[1008.5] - POV and STV Demos has been updated to clarify which acceptable file hosting sharing websites are allowed.

(Old) [1002.4.10] - Off-season Bans⚓︎

League bans for misconduct received in the off-season will not begin until the next season as specified in the ban reason. Players with a pending ban will not be able to participate in cups but may participate in other formats that start earlier than the ban starts. Bans that are multiple seasons or greater are exempt from this and will start immediately on the ban being issued.

(Old) [1002.4.10] - Off-season Bans have been updated to clarify that off-season bans are delayed until the next season specified in the ban reason. This will also only affect participation in off-season cups and not other league formats that may start earlier (6v6 beginning earlier than the Highlander season).

[1005.3.1] - Team/Player Due Diligence⚓︎

While [1005.3] - Multiple Accounts allows us to penalize teams and players accordingly, it does not mention the need for player due diligence in taking preventative measures to avoid receiving a ban for facilitating alternative accounts or allow us to be lenient against teams and players that have put effort into clearing their players. In recent seasons, we have come across teams that claim they did not suspect players without microphones or players that are "pros in Paladins" and so forth.

Provided below is a list of checks players must do to avoid harsh repercussions:


Those that fail to perform these basic checks (e.g. failure to report an alt on your team, providing them the account) are liable to various levels of punishments, such as assisting alts bans, matches overturned, season disqualifications, etc.

[1005.3.1] - Team/Player Due Diligence is not adding anything new but is updated to clarify what is an example of aiding/assisting/supporting an alt account.

(Old) [1004.1] - Punitive Action toward Players⚓︎

Players in RGL may view their disciplinary history on their profiles. Below is a list detailing the most common reasons for player suspensions:

  • Players found to violate the Code of Conduct will face suspensions of varying lengths. Ban lengths for Code of Conduct violations are handled on a case-by-case basis and may be appealed.
  • Game Integrity-related punitive actions can be found in section [1003] - Game Integrity .
  • RGL mirrors bans from other Competitive TF2 leagues.
  • Bans occurring during the off-season will be delayed until the season starts.

Players that wish to have their account blacklisted may do so by filing a support ticket in the RGL Discord.

This list is not comprehensive. Repeat offenders receive punishments of increasing severity.

(Old) [1004.1] - Punitive Action toward Players has been updated to address players that may want to request the league to have their account blacklisted.

(Old) [2014] - Bo3 Map Series Variations⚓︎

During playoffs in the best of three matchups, any KOTH map will be played as a Bo7 (first to four rounds wins) and Payload maps will be played in full Bo3 (first to two halves) by default.

Team leaders are allowed to request to play a Bo5 on KOTH maps or a Bo1 (whoever wins the round wins the map) on Payload maps, but may only play the map on these conditions if both team leaders agree.

King of the Hill in a best of three map series will now be played first to four round wins by default in Highlander.

Last update: January 7, 2022