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If a rule is prepended with (Old), it means the rule may have been removed or moved to a difference section or index. Please refer to the actual rule book for the latest version of this rule.

The (Old) tag is prepended automatically with no manual intervention. Should you find the correct location of this rule, please let us know via a ticket in our Discord!

[1004.2] - Punitive Action towards Teams⚓︎

Teams receive minor and major penalties inside of RGL.

  • Three minor penalties equate to one major penalty.
  • Each major penalty deducts 4.5 match points from a team. In formats that do not use the match points system, this results in the subtraction of 0.5 wins from a team's record.
  • If a team incurs three major penalties, they are expelled from the league. Additionally, if a team is in egregious violation of the rules and disruptive to the league they may be expelled immediately with or without the necessary penalties.

[1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits⚓︎

See 6v6 format-specific rules on forfeit scoring in [3001.7].

The team that requested the forfeit will be awarded 5 match points. Teams can reschedule and play again to play for the remaining 4 match points. The team that wins the rescheduled match will receive all 4 of the remaining points. Match points do not get redistributed until both teams make up the match, or in the case of a team disbanding without notice before or after the match or being unable to reschedule the forfeited match. In the cases of disbandment or failure to reschedule, the other team will receive full match points.

Teams that neglect to inform division admins about a disbanding team will only receive 5 match points.

1st Forfeit Minor Penalty
2nd Forfeit** The team is expelled from the league for the season
Forfeits during playoffs -50% prize earnings if applicable

(Old) [1008.15] - Match Points⚓︎

A winning team can earn up to 9 match points. A losing team can win up to 3 match points. Both teams earn points based on the number of rounds they win in the game. The formula to calculate match point distribution is as follows:

Loser Points = (Losing Team Rounds Won) / (Winning team rounds won - 1) * 3
Winner Points = 9 - (Loser Points)

[2003.2] - Match Points⚓︎

Match points will be earned for the regular season based on how well a team does in the match. Even if a team doesn't win a game, they can still score match points by winning rounds.

Each match can earn a team up to 9 points.


Gamemode Score Point Distribution (Win v. Loss)
KOTH 4-0 9 0
KOTH 4-1 8 1
KOTH 4-2 7 2
KOTH 4-3 6 3
Payload 2-0 9 0
Payload 2-1 6 3

For playoff matches, there are no match points. The team that wins the match moves on to the next round.

[1004.2] - Punitive Action towards Teams , [1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits , (Old) [1008.15] - Match Points, and [2003.2] - Match Points have been updated to match the new scoring system for Highlander.

[1003.3] - Game Exploits⚓︎


  • Alteration of game settings to make map objects/props like rocks, boxes, doors transparent or remove them in any way. Note: If you notice that certain props are missing on the map, please restart your game and see if that fixes the issue. You must not continue playing with invisible props.


Examples of NOT allowed mods:⚓︎

  • Recolored or modified weapon tracer effects
  • Oversized particles effects (e.g. healing particles, weapon particles, etc.)

[1003.3] - Game Exploits has been updated to clarify mods and exploits that are disallowed by the RGL AC team.

[1008.3] - Rescheduling Matches⚓︎

Team leaders can agree to reschedule their match to an alternative time, so long as they can report the match results before the result deadline. Dates after the result deadline may be approved by administrators if requested, but this is not guaranteed.

To reschedule a match, both teams must agree to a new time. If the teams cannot agree on a new time, then they will play at the default match time for their division. In special cases where matches do not have a default time, administrators will work with teams in a case-by-case manner. Should a team leave the server during a match and request the match be rescheduled, the opposing team is not obligated to cater to their request.

If a team fails to respond to a reschedule request within 24 hours of it being made, they are deemed to have accepted it. However, for this automatic acceptance, the team proposing the reschedule must prove that they made a reasonable attempt to contact the other team (through Discord or Steam) and ask for a reschedule, and failed to get a response.

[1008.3] - Rescheduling Matches has been updated to address edge cases where teams would try to "sneak" in reschedules without making a reasonable attempt to inform the other team about a reschedule.

For teams that get knocked out of a qualifier for a particular division, they will all be allowed to play in the lower division on their main classes with no class restrictions with the following exceptions:

  • If a player would be restricted off a class in Advanced or Main and they play qualifiers on a different class, then that class restriction still applies
  • If a person would be restricted off a class in Advanced, they cannot play that class in qualifiers and will be restricted in Main

If a team does not win qualifiers on the classes a player is on, then your team is at the level of the lower division without additional restrictions. Please note that throwing in qualifiers is subject to a league suspension and penalties as written in [1008.13].

[1006.2.5] - Sandbagging and Class Restrictions is not adding anything new, but is being updated to better clarify how class restrictions are handled for qualifier teams.

Last update: January 2, 2023