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[1008.12] - In-Game Match Disputes⚓︎

If players have disputes mid-match, they can reach out to their division admin/moderator to resolve any issues a team may have. If your division admin/moderator is unavailable, please reach out to other admins/moderators in your format. Minor disputes or issues may be solved quickly, such as but not limited to: removing a player that is not rostered, unconfirmed/denied ringers, or incorrect config. Should arbitration take longer than 10 minutes (5 minutes max pause limit + 5 minutes extra time), teams are expected to play out the match and wait for a resolution after the match to prevent a rushed decision from being made.

[1008.7] - Requesting Match Forfeits⚓︎

For a team to request a forfeit, a match must be past the default start time or be paused. The team requesting a forfeit must have a full team on the server for 15 minutes and the team must be clear that they are wanting to start the match or unpause before the request. The 15-minute timer starts when one team has all their players on their side present, it is past the default match time, and the team has announced their intention to start the match.

This means that your team cannot be silent and then 15 minutes after match time to request a forfeit win. However, if your team early on states to the other captain through direct message or in-game chat that you do not wish to wait past the allotted time, that would be grounds for obtaining a forfeit win.

e.g. "We would like to start on time. Please make sure to be ready on time."
e.g. "This pause is taking a long time. The default allotted time for a pause is 5 minutes, and we would like to unpause as soon as possible."

If you've made your intentions clear, then you can start the process of requesting a match forfeit. To request a forfeit, you can copy this exact text below into in-game chat or DM. You should also contact an Admin and inform them that you are starting this process.

We are 15 minutes past the match start time and have made it clear that we wish to start. We will get a forfeit win if you do not ready up or unpause in the next 5 MINUTES, per RGL rules. You must have the minimum required number of players on your team to start the match. If you do not ready up or unpause in time, we will get a forfeit.

If teams choose to not copy-paste this quote above, they must inform the opposing team of all of the following terms below:

  1. The minimum number of players necessary for play in the given format

  2. Ready up or unpause in 5 minutes

  3. If they're not ready, there will be a forfeit

If the enemy team does not start up in time, you will receive a “confirmation” from the admin and you may leave the match server.

Should a team request a forfeit win without having a full team for 15 minutes or request a forfeit without giving the opposing team a clear 5-minute warning, their forfeit request will be rejected.

*In playoffs, administrators will be more strict with awarding forfeit wins, and will work with teams to reschedule or allow ringers for the match to be played.

[1008.12] - In-Game Match Disputes and [1008.7] - Requesting Match Forfeits have been updated to reflect the updated pause limit of 5 minutes.

[1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits⚓︎

See 6v6 format-specific rules on forfeit scoring in [3001.7].

The team that requested the forfeit will be ...

[3001.7] - Forfeits and Penalties⚓︎

**Normal procedures regarding forfeits and penalties can be found under the global ruleset in [1008.7.1]. Deviations due to 6v6 ruleset differences are noted here.**

Scoring/Procedure for Forfeits:
The opponent of a team that forfeits in match comms or Discord #support-ticket will be awarded 1 Round Won (RW) point with neither team being permitted the option to reschedule the respective match before the end of the regular non-Invite Season (Week 1 through Week 8). Teams MUST forfeit in match comms or Discord #support-ticket. Communicating the intent to forfeit in private messages/DMs only will be subject to admin approval/denial accordingly.
This type of forfeit is considered a “match comm forfeit”, meaning it is finalized once invoked.

Scoring/Procedure for Forfeit Wins (FFW):

The winner of a forfeit win per Global Rule guidelines [1008.7] will be awarded 1 RW point noted on the match page as a forfeit (0-1) or (1-0), respective to the FFW winner being the Home or Away team. The loser of a FFW receives zero RW points and a Minor Penalty for forfeiting, as detailed below.

The involved teams will then be given the option to reschedule the respective match on a future reasonable date/time before the end of the regular season deadline. It is completely up to either team leader(s) to communicate with one another on when this best reschedule may occur and to then inform their division admins on their decision either via a Discord #support-ticket or by posting in the match’s comms the agreed upon full date and time (e.g. January 1, 2022, @ 9:30 PM EDT).

This rescheduled FFW match will play out like a normal KoTH or Control Point match (as per 6v6’s [3001.5] and [3001.4]) but with the team that originally won the FFW starting with 1 RW on the scoreboard. Final match scores should be reported to your Division Admins via a match comms post from your team leader(s).

If a rescheduled date/time cannot be agreed upon within a reasonable timeframe before the end of the regular season deadline, none of the remaining RW points will be distributed to either team.

If evidence is found of one team refusing to reschedule or ignoring communication about a FFW match reschedule, all remaining available RW points will be awarded to their opponent. The same will occur if one team disbands/dies with or without notice to the Admin team before the end of the regular season.

Free Division Forfeit Penalties (NC & AM)

  • 1st forfeit: Minor penalty
  • 2nd forfeit: The team is expelled from the league for the season
  • Forfeits during playoffs: -50% prize earnings if applicable

Paid Division Forfeit Penalties (IM, Main, Adv, Inv)

  • 1st forfeit: Minor penalty
  • 2nd forfeit: Minor penalty
  • 3rd forfeit: The team is expelled from the league for the season
  • Forfeits during playoffs: -50% prize earnings if applicable

Each Major penalty results in the subtraction of 1.5 Rounds Won (RW) points from a team's record.

[1008.7.1] - Match Forfeits has been updated to reflect differences in how match forfeits are handled in the 6v6 mode. [3001.7] - Forfeits and Penalties has been updated to explain and clarify the procedures in how match forfeits versus forfeit wins for 6v6 have been handled.

[1003.3] - Game Exploits⚓︎

The abuse of unintended functions of the game that give unfair advantages is considered exploitation. Below are some examples:

  • Using an exploit as Engineer to be able to hit players twice without a delay with melees

[1003.3] - Game Exploits has been updated to include exploits that are disallowed by the RGL AC team.

Examples of allowed scripts:⚓︎

  • Crouch jump script
  • Null-cancelling movement script
  • Rocket jump script
  • Mask uber script
  • Team say scripts
  • Loadout changing scripts
  • Viewmodel/Crosshair switchers
  • Medic radar script
  • No explosions/particles smoke script
  • Speedometer script

[1003.2] - Scripts has been updated to include scripts that are allowed by the RGL AC team.

[1008.4.1] - Default Server Location⚓︎

Whoever is on the home team is expected to provide the server. The away team is expected to have an alternative server available should the home team not be capable of providing a server within 5 minutes of the match's starting time. Servers must be located in the default location for the format's region of play. If both teams agree, a different location in the same region may be used.


[1008.4.1] - Default Server Location has been updated to clarify the responsibility of the away team to find a server if the home team is unable to successfully field one.

Last update: January 2, 2023